Increased productivity

Don’t know a single shell command? No problem. You can still get started on working with MongoDB in just a few minutes with MongoVUE’s easy to use interface

Multiple views of your data

MongoVUE makes it a very simple to see and visualize your data. It gives you 3 different views of it – TreeView, TableView and TextView.

Easy administration

It is easy to administer major pain points of MongoDB. Whether you want to export your collection data, or monitor the performance of your servers or run simple visualization on your data, it is all possible with MongoVUE

Learn as you use

MongoVUE screens are designed to help you learn MongoDB concepts from the perspective of a RDBMS system. For example, you can create indexes using point and click, and then learn the specific command in MongoDB

Who is using MongoVUE?

Software Requirements

MongoVUE is a Windows® desktop client/gui application. To run properly you must have one of these versions of .NET Framework installed:

  • .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1, or
  • .NET Framework 3.0 with SP1, or
  • .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1


A great piece of software

Sam Cleaver

Thank you very much!! MonoVUE installs nicely and works out of the box, great!

Jozz DC

Really like what i’ve seen so far, keep up the good work!

Danny Allen

I’ve been waiting months for something like this

Max I

Awesome looking software!

T Elliott

I was looking for a MongoDB GUI/admin tool and so I came across MongoVUE, which looks like a great piece of software and by far the best MongoDB frontend out there, very nice job!!!


I just downloaded MongoVUE 0.5.1 and I must say, it is pretty awesome so far :-)

Cameron D

MongoVUE is quite nice, I think the best admin UI for Mongo I have seen (and i have tried out a bunch today looking for the best one)

Jared Winick

I was extremely pleased to discover MongoVue

S Aina

I’ve been using mongovue while prototyping / doing a proof of concept with mongo. Thus far i like it, and love having the varying data views to make it easier to interpret results.

David Thompson

I really enjoy using MongoVue and the development progress lately has been very fruitful

Bas Geertsema

Just a little note to say “thank you” for MongoVUE. I’ve recently started using MongoDB / NoRM, and MongoVUE makes it a breeze to see what’s going on. For once, a program that “just works” exactly how I’d want it to.

Tim Jones

Thanks for the tool it was really hard to find a normal mongoDB viewer and mongovue is very nice for me and I hope it will get better in the next releases

Nune Isabekyan

i am using the mongovue, it’s fantastic

Mike D

Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job with mongoVue. It makes my day to day mongo administration much easier, and my rapid prototyping much more rapid :-)

Thanks a bunch!


Great job with MongoVUE, it has made our lives much easier!

Edward Rooth